We understand an ever-changing market and the need to deliver results quickly.
Our Expertise

Our group of consultants come from across the globe and bring with them decades worth of knowledge and experience, which will help you deliver the big picture thinking,in small manageable chunks.

Having worked across various industries, from mining and construction through to telecommunications, financial and digital, we understand an ever-changing market and the need to deliver results quickly. Here are some of the things we have done to-date:

  • Business Change
    Continuous Improvement, Extending Capability

    Development and implementation of bespoke service delivery frameworks, compiled utilising industry best practice, ensuring alignment with business principles. Establishment of new departments, implementation of processes along with continuous process improvement.

  • Compliance
    Regulatory, PCI, PMO

    Implementation of PCI compliance, specifically relating to PA-DSS certification. Administering regulatory compliance, specialising in operational separation with ongoing monitoring while providing quality assurance.

  • Development Life Cycle
    Analyse, Design, Implement, Maintain, Plan

    Application development including mobile payment solutions, voucher redeeming platforms along with numerous e-commerce solutions. Implementation and roll-out of enterprise software applications.

  • Infrastructure
    Mobile, Desktop, Network, Server

    Server room development with hardware setup and installation. Network upgrades along with management of desktop replacement exchange programmes. Implementation and management of multi web-node and load-balanced solutions.

  • Team Leadership
    New, Existing, Restructure, Support

    Establishment of new teams, introducing stability through effective management, streamlining of existing processes, procedures and implementation of new as required.

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